December 13 th 2015

Limited seating  please call 319- 828-2252

$50 Smackaroos  $70 with vino or brew

Introducing Augusta’s first

Verbose Wine Dinner

Chef’s favorite dishes described in the most floracious of verbiage

First Course:

French Onion Haiku

Onions Caramelized

Beef stock slowly simmering

Golden Cheese Bubbles

Second course: 

King Crab Salaad

Lo! A Chorus of the Bolshoi does its danse macabre on the icy floor of the Tasman sea, then dips and pirouettes onto your plate in the grand company of paper thin fennel root, spicy arugula leaf, and roasted pecans mocked with spice.All are crowned majestically with white balsamic Tahitian vanilla vinaigrette.

Third Course: Millionaire Quail

A self-made man, this quail struggled to the top of the pecking order to relax on your plate jealously guarding its hidden treasures.A plump medjool date, a schmeer of Montcheve boursin, a salpiconof pate de foie gras nestled snugly together in its bosom.He basks in a pool of white truffle demi-glace, the world at his wingtips.

Fourth Course: Cowboy Prime, Pilgrim

The sun sets on the rugged beauty of Tama county. Its beef is corn fed and dry aged to perfection in the tradition of John Wayne and his cowpoke brethren.I rub it with aromatic herbs and slowly roast it to heighten its natural flavor. I serve it unadorned, but accompanied by a triple cream brie gratinee. Get along little doggies…

Fifth Course: The Blue and the Black Cheesecake

sharp and audacious, blue veined vixen from Spain. I tamed her with a whip and sat her on a throne of crumbs.Then I stilettoed her with luscious dark cacao ganache.She’s mine now, to be shared with all

Augusta Mardi Gras Party February 09 2016

All you can eat buffet of Red beans and rice, fried Chicken ,jambalya,fried chicken, shrimp boil,alligator ettoufee ,gumbo and kingcake plus a free hurricane


Rsvps are necessary  319-828-2252

Live Mardi gras music costuming, free give ways  and a very good time

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